Cable Fly Advice Websites

If you've tried doing cable flys but are concerned you aren't doing them correctly, there are several websites you can visit to get excellent cable fly advice:

This website provides advice for standard cable flys, as well as variations such as flat bench cable flys. You can see details of the exercises like their mechanics type and the force used. You can view pictures of this exercise in action. You can also read useful comments from members of the site. Members have also rated all of the exercises. For example, flat bench cable flys are rated an 8.1 out of 10.


If you want to actually see how cable flys should be performed, watching videos on YouTube can be very useful. Some of the YouTube users who have quality cable fly videos are:

  • ScottHermanFitness: In his two minute long video, Scott provides detailed instructions on how to perform a high cable fly. He addresses everything from how to stand to where you should bring the cables as you pull them forward. He also has another video that demonstrates how to perform a middle cable chest fly.
  • ChrisZFit: Since women can benefit just as much as men from doing this exercise, it's useful to have a video with a woman demonstrating cable flys. Chrissy uses her video to show how to properly do a decline cable fly.
  • themaxlevels: If you're curious about whether or not serious gym rats do cable flys, Max proves in this video that the answer is yes. This video is a great example of why cable flys are such a challenging and effective exercise. Although Max is very muscular, you'll notice that he doesn't use a ton of weight because he's focused on creating the maximum amount of tension in his chest by using good form.
  • ProteinFactory: Although the video is only 30 seconds long, if you're looking for some inspiration, this one is great. There's nothing better than getting pumped up for a workout than to see Ronnie Coleman, who's one of the most successful bodybuilders in the world, doing what he does best.
  • yoboho: This video is useful for two reasons. First, it demonstrates cable flys on a flat bench. This variation is perfect for mixing into your standard routine. Second, not only does it have someone demonstrating the exercise itself, but it also features a trainer who explains the key points of performing this exercise.

Men's Health

In addition to their quality magazine, Men's Health also has a great website. What makes their cable fly advice so useful is it's broken down into steps. You get to read a description of each step, as well as see a picture of that step being performed. There's also a drop down menu that makes it easy to access the same type of step by step instructions for chest fly variations. While the variations covered all include a dumbbell, you may be interested in adding one or more these to your chest workout to complement the cable flys you do.




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Cable Fly Advice Websites