Dewalt Cable Fly

Although Dewalt does not currently make a cable fly machine, companies like Powerline and FreeMotion make cable machines that are found in most gyms. While there are many different exercises you can do on a cable machine, a fly is one of the best. If you want a better chest, you should be doing a standard cable fly and its variations:

How to Do a Standard Cable Fly

The basic overview of a standard cable fly is you work your chest by pulling cables down and in front of your body. The reason this exercise is ideal for sculpting your chest is it fully isolates and works your pectoral muscles. To begin this exercise, choose the amount of weight on each side of the cable machine you're going to use. Since three sets of 8 reps is generally the ideal amount of exercise, you should aim for a weight that allows you to fully complete the first two sets but not every single rep of the last set. Once your weight is selected, you can stand in the middle of the machine and grab the cables. Before you begin pulling, make sure you're standing with one foot slightly in front of the other.

After you confirm your stance is correct, you can start pulling the cables down. As you pull, you want to ensure your arms remain straight. This is important because it will prevent you from lessening the effectiveness of this exercise by using muscles in your arms. You also want to avoid yanking the cables down and instead use a smooth motion to pull them. Once you bring the cables all the way together in front of you, make sure to pause for just a second. This pause will ensure you're doing the work instead of the momentum of the cables. You can then use the same smooth motion to return the cables to their starting position.

How to Do an Upward Cable Fly

Another way to do a cable fly is to pull the cables up and in front of you. Because this exercise will work your chest in a different way than standard cable flys, you can get the best results by doing both exercises. This will ensure you are fully working all of your pec muscles. Before you start this exercise, you will want to move the cable handles to the bottom of the machine. You can then grab the handles and use the same stance to stand in the middle of the machine.

As with standard cable flys, you will want to keep your arms straight as you pull the cables up. One common mistake that you want to avoid is pulling the cables too high. You don't want to pull the cables straight up in the air. Instead, you want to use a path of motion that goes up and out. If you're concerned about whether or not you're using the right motion, the key is being able to feel a constant amount of tension on your chest.




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Dewalt Cable Fly