Rock Solid Cable Fly

If you want to build a better chest, Rock Solid Fitness sells several different cable fly machines:

Rock Solid Smith Home Gym III PKG3

If you're looking for a machine that makes it easy to work out your chest and the rest of your body, you won't be disappointed by this option. The machine includes everything you need to get in great shape. In addition to its adjustable cable flys, it includes a leg attachment and barbell. If you're wondering why you should even care about the machine having a barbell, there are two important reasons. First, while cable flys are excellent for sculpting your chest, bench pressing is a great way to add overall strength to your upper body. Doing these two exercises in conjunction with each other means you'll get better results than if you only did one of them. The other great feature of this machine's barbell is its self-spotting. As a result of the safety features it has, you can fully exert your chest without worrying about dropping the bar on yourself.

Because this machine features a seat in addition to its adjustable cables, not only can you perform standing downward and upwards flys, but you will also be able to perform sitting or lying flys. As with adding bench pressing to your workout routine, doing a variety of cable flys will help you get the best results. Customers who've purchased this machine have a lot of good things to say about it. Positive comments about it include its quality design, the smoothness with which its cables can be pulled and the great customer service that Rock Solid Fitness provides. The Rock Solid Smith Home Gym III PKG3 sells for $1819.

Rock Solid Deluxe Cable Crossover

If you're not interested in a full home gym, this is a great machine for performing cable exercises. It features a cable on each side that's fully adjustable. Because you can easily move the cable from the top to bottom or anywhere in between, you will be able to perform all of the cable fly variations. Another notable feature of this machine is the amount of weight it features. It has 160 pound stacks on each side. The adjustable stacks let you choose the perfect amount of weight for your workouts, as well as ensures you will stay challenged. The Rock Solid Deluxe Cable Crossover sells for $1775.

BodySolid Functional Training Center 200

If you want to work out at home but are concerned you're not going to have enough space for a cable machine, this option is the perfect fit for you. While it's designed to save space, this doesn't mean you won't be able to do cable flys. On the contrary, while the machine itself is deigned to take up less space, the cables provide the same functionality that you would get from a full-size machine in a gym. The BodySolid Functional Training Center 200 sells for $1775.



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Rock Solid Cable Fly