Precor Cable Fly

If you want to improve your chest but don't have time to go to the gym, you may want to purchase a Precor cable fly machine for your home.

What Does the Precor S3.23 Functional Trainer and Bench Combo Offer?

One of the features that makes this Precor cable fly machine an excellent choice for any homeowner who wants a convenient way to work out is the cables can be positioned at any height. This is very useful for two reasons. First, it allows you to perform multiple cable fly variations. You can move the cables up to perform downward flys or move them to the bottom of the machine to perform upward flys. The other reason is you can adjust them to a height that's the perfect match for you. Having this amount of control will ensure you're able to use the best form possible while performing your flys. Another feature that makes this a great machine is it has two 150 pound stacks of weights. Not only is it useful to be able to select exactly how much weight you want to use, but having a machine that can offer this much resistance means you won't have to worry about getting too strong for it.

Unlike most cable fly machines, this one actually comes with an adjustable seat. Because you can adjust this seat to allow you to sit or lie on it, you will be able to perform seated or lying cable flys. If you do seated cable flys, you will have no trouble moving the cables to a height that's level with your chest. And if you're going to do lying upward flys, you'll be able to quickly move the cables to the bottom of the machine. With all of these options, you may be wondering which type of cable flys you should do. The best way to improve your chest is to vary your workouts by doing all of the exercise over the course of time. For example, if you do standing upward and seated flys during one chest workout, you can switch to standing downward and lying flys for your next workout.

What Have Reviewers Said About this Precor Cable Fly Machine?

Two reviews have been left on Amazon for this machine. One was for 4 stars and the other one was for 5 stars. The 4 star reviewer stated that he's enjoying being able to use this machine in his home. He likes the fact that it's easy to adjust the Precor to do any exercise that he wants. While he said it may not be enough weight for a competitive lifter, it's plenty for the average person who wants to tone their body.

The 5 star reviewer said she actually purchased this machine to help her regain strength after a serious accident. Not only has it helped her achieve this goal, but it actually exceeded her expectations. She did state that while she's very happy with the height of the machine, it's important for anyone thinking about purchasing this machine to make sure they have a room with enough space for it. The Precor S3.23 Functional Trainer and Bench Combo sells for $2599.



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Precor Cable Fly