Reebok Cable Fly

While Reebok doesn't currently sell any cable fly attachments, companies like Champion and Body Solid sell attachments that can be found in most gyms. There are several types of cable flys that can be performed with these attachments:

Standing Downward Cable Flys

Not only can you count on this exercise to help you sculpt your chest, but you will be able to feel your chest working as you do sets of standing downward cable flys. The reason you can actually feel this exercise working your pectoral muscles is because it's an isolation exercise. However, it is common for people to decreases the effectiveness of this exercise by taking the full amount of tension off their chest. To avoid slowing down your progress, there are some key factors you need to be aware of when you're doing this exercise. The first is to know how much weight to use. If you choose too little weight, you're not going to get a good workout. But if you choose too much weight, it's going to cause you to sacrifice your form. The ideal range is an amount of weight that let's you complete 2 sets of eight reps, but doesn't allow you to complete every rep of the last set.

In addition to using the right amount of weight, you also want to be sure that your arms remain straight throughout this exercise. Many people make the mistake of bending their arms as they pull the cables down. This causes them to pull with their biceps instead of isolating and working their pecs. If you notice you're starting to bend your arms, just pause and straighten your arms back out. It's also important to use a smooth pull as you bring the cables down. If you simply force them down as quickly as possible, you're not going to be able to fully exert your chest muscles. The same goes for letting the cables back to their starting position.

Standing Upward Cable Flys

With this variation, you will want to move the cables so they're located at the bottom of the cable machine you're using. The most common way people decrease the effectiveness of this exercise is by pulling the cables up into the air. When someone goes up instead of up and out, they place some of the exercise's tension on their shoulders. To avoid this mistake, make sure you're moving the cables out in front of you as you pull them up.

Lying Upward Cable Flys

This variation is done by lying on a flat bench in the middle of a cable machine. You can actually begin this variation from two different starting points. Once you're on your back, you can either begin with the cables above you or to your sides. If they're above you, make sure you hold the cables in your line of sight. If they're to your side, it's important not to lower them below your shoulders. Doing so can put unnecessary weight on your shoulders.



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Reebok Cable Fly