Cable Fly Attachments

Standard cable flys are done by attaching a handle to each side of a crossover machine. While standard flys are a great way to add size and definition to your chest, this isn't the only beneficial exercise that can be done with a crossover machine and attachments:

Standard Handles

There are several ways to use standard handles to perform cable flys. The most common is the downward standing fly. This exercise involves standing in the middle of a crossover machine and bringing the cables down in front of your body. When you do this exercise, it's important to stand with one foot slightly in front of the other. This will make it easier for you to keep your balance. You also want to make sure that you use an appropriate amount of weight. Trying to use too much will cause you to use poor form. The other important aspect of this exercise is to use a controlled motion to pull the cables down and then let them back up to their starting position.

The next type of cable flys you can do with standard handles are upward standing flys. This exercise involves moving the handles to the bottom of the crossover machine and then pulling them up during each rep. You can also perform lying cable flys on a flat bench. If you want the benefits of dumbbell flys but are concerned about handling free weights, this type of cable fly is a more manageable alternative.

Rope Attachment

A rope attachment can be used for multiple exercises. If you want to add definition to your arms, this attachment can be used to work your triceps or biceps. Working your triceps with this attachment involves attaching it to the top of a crossover machine and then doing pushdowns, while the exercise that will work your biceps is attaching it to the bottom and then doing cable curls. A rope attachment can also be used to work your upper back. This is done by attaching the rope to the bottom of a machine and doing seated rows. The advantage of using a rope for any of these exercises is because you can flare the ends of the rope out during any pull, you can have the muscle you're exercising do additional work.

Straight Bar

A straight bar can be used for the same three exercises as a rope attachment. If you're unsure of which one you should use, the answer is both. By using different attachments to vary your workouts, you will get better results than if you only used one attachment. The reason is even though you're doing the same basic movements, each attachment works the target muscle groups in slightly different ways.

V-Bar Handle

A v-bar handle can be used to do seated cable rows. Depending on the type of cable machine you're using, you may also be able to use this attachment to do lat pulldowns. If you don't have access to a v-bar handle, you can also do both of these exercises by attaching two standard handles to a single cable.



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Cable Fly Attachments