Incline Cable Fly

An incline cable fly is a great way to add strength and definition to your chest. There are two ways to perform this exercise:

Standing Incline Cable Fly

A standard cable fly is done by pulling cables down from the top of a crossover machine. What makes a standing incline cable fly different is you pull the cables up from the bottom of the machine. To perform this exercise, begin by moving the cables to the bottom of the crossover machine. You will also want to choose how much weight you want to use on each side of the machine. If you're new to this exercise, start with a small amount of weight on each side. Although it may be tempting to see how much weight you can move, starting with a smaller amount of weight will allow you to get a feel for doing this exercise with the correct form. Once you've picked how much weight you're going to use, stand in the middle of the machine. It's important to stand with one foot slightly in front of the other. This will ensure you're able to stay balanced during the exercise. You also want to stand with your knees slightly bent.

After you get in a position that's comfortable, reach down to each side and pick up the cables. You want to bring the cables up to the point where you're standing with your arms fully extended towards the ground. Begin the exercise by pulling the cables up from this point. As you pull up, you want to keep your arms straight as you move them towards each other. Your knuckles will eventually come together in front of your body. When you reach this point, stop for a moment, then use a controlled movement to return the cables to your starting position. Keeping the tension focused on your chest as you're pulling the cables up and letting them back down will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of this exercise.

Lying Incline Cable Fly

This method of performing an incline cable fly follows the same basic motion as the standing version. The big difference is you will be seated on a bench with its back tilted at a 45 degree angle. Even though it follows the same basic motion as a standing incline cable fly, the benefit of doing this exercise is it works your chest in a different way. When it comes to improving your body, using as much variety as possible is the best way to get the results you want.

Once you position the bench in the middle of the machine, sit down on it and then grab a cable in each hand. Before you start doing any reps, make sure you bring the cables up to a level that's parallel with your legs. This path of motion this will create will allow you to fully work your chest without putting excessive stress on your shoulders. From this starting position, pull the cables up until your knuckles meet. Pause to eliminate any momentum, then gradually lower the cables back down to the starting position.



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Incline Cable Fly