Reverse Cable Fly

While a standard cable fly targets your pectoral muscles, a reverse cable fly actually targets the muscles in your back. This exercise is also beneficial for working your shoulders. There are several different ways to do a reverse cable fly:

Downward Reverse Cable Fly

Like a standard cable fly, this exercise is done by pulling the cables down from the top of a crossover machine. However, instead of pulling the cables down in front of your body, you will actually begin with them in this position. You will then pull them all the way down to your sides. Before you start this exercise, make sure you select the amount of weight you want to use on each side of the cable machine. If you're unsure of how much weight you want to use, just start with a small amount. Once you get a feel for the exercise, you will be able to gauge how much weight you should use.

The starting position for this exercise is to have your arms crossed in front of you. So, if you're facing the crossover machine, you will grab the right handle with your left hand and the left handle with your right hand. You should then stand in the middle of the machine and cross the cables. To keep your balance, make sure you're standing with one foot slightly in front of the other. Start the exercise by pulling the cables down towards each side of your body. The cable on the right side of the machine will go down to your left side, and vice-versa. After they're down, you can slowly bring them back up to their starting position.

Upward Reverse Cable Fly

This exercise uses the same basic motion as the downward reverse cable fly. The difference is you use cables that are at the bottom of a crossover machine instead of the top. Because you're lifting with this exercise instead of pulling down, this reverse cable fly variation will place more emphasis on working your shoulders. When you grab the cables at the bottom of each side of the machine, you want to bring them up and cross them in front of your waist. Then slowly raise the cables up to each side of your body. Stop once the cables are level with your shoulders. There's no benefit to going any higher, and doing so can actually put you at risk of injury.

Straight Reverse Cable Fly

Some crossover machines only allow you to position the cables at the top or bottom of the machine. However, if you're using a machine that allows you to position the cables at different intervals, you can do this exercise by putting them at a level that's even with your chest. Instead of pulling the cables up or down, you will simply pull them evenly across your chest. Begin with the cables crossed in front of your chest, and then pull the cables outwards. The end of this movement comes when you arms are fully stretched out.



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Reverse Cable Fly