Cable Fly Bench Press

Standard cable flys are done by pulling cable handles down and in front of your body. This chest isolation exercise is useful for both men and women. If you're already doing standard flys and want to add some variety to your workout, there are two cable variations you can use to work your chest:

Cable Bench Press with Handles

In order to do this exercise, you need to have access to a cable machine that has two pulleys on the bottom of one side. Prepare for this exercise by attaching a standard handle to each of the pulleys. Once the handles are attached, choose the amount of weight you want to use. The ideal amount of weight should allow you to complete two full sets of 8 reps, but only 5 to 7 reps during your third set. After you select the weight you are going to use, place a flat bench near the pulleys. As you lie back on the bench, you can grab each of the handles.

Before you actually begin this exercise, you will want to lift the handles up. As with a standard bench press, you want the handles to be positioned slightly higher than your chest. Once you're in the starting position, you will want to push the cables straight up in the air. Because you're using two cables instead of a single bar, it's normal to need a few tries before you get into a balanced rhythm with both cables. You will want to keep pushing upwards until your arms are fully extended. At this point, briefly pause to eliminate any momentum that could decrease the effectiveness of this exercise. Then finish your first rep by bringing the cables back down to their starting position. Because you want to make sure you are working your chest on the way up and the way down, lower the cables with a controlled motion instead of just letting them snap back down.

Flat Bench Cable Flys

Because this exercise works your chest differently than a cable bench press, the two exercises complement each other very well. It's also quite easy to transition from one to the other. To set up for this exercise, you will want to attach a handle to the bottom of each side of a crossover machine. You will also want to place a flat bench in the middle of the machine. Get ready for this exercise by grabbing each handle and then lying back on the bench.

Once you're lying all the way back, bring the cables up to a level that's even with your shoulders. Then begin your first set of flat bench cable flys by bringing the handles up and towards each other. They will eventually come together in the air above you. Briefly pause to eliminate any momentum, then lower them back down to their starting position. Be sure to stop at the level that's even with your shoulders, as going any lower could eventually lead to you injuring your shoulders.



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Cable Fly Bench Press