Cable Fly Bar

A cable fly bar is most commonly used to perform a seated cable row. This exercise is great for strengthening and toning your upper back. A cable fly bar can also be used to do standing tricep pushdowns.

How to Perform Seated Cable Rows

This exercise requires a cable machine and one cable fly bar. The bar should be attached to the bottom of the cable machine. You'll then want to choose the amount of weight you are going to use. Keep in mind that unlike an exercise like the standing cable fly, you are only going to be using one stack of weight. As a result, you will most likely choose a heavier weight than you would for an exercise that uses both of the machine's weight stacks. After you choose the right amount of weight, sit down in front of the side where you attached the cable fly bar. You want to either have your legs completely flat on the ground or a slight bend in your knees.

Reach down and grab the cable fly bar with an overhand grip. Before you begin the exercise, bring the cable bar up so you're sitting in an upright position. Once your back is straight, begin the exercise by pulling the cable towards your body. To maximize the effectiveness of this exercise, pull the cable at a controlled pace. When the cable bar reaches your body, it should come into contact with the bottom of your chest. Once you hit this point, briefly pause, then move the cable back to its starting position using the same controlled movement.

How to Perform Standing Tricep Pushdowns

If you want to build larger triceps or simply want to add more definition to your arms, you'll be happy with the results you get from doing this exercise. Standing tricep pushdowns are an excellent way to isolate your triceps and force them to do all the work. Unlike seated cable rows, you will prepare for this exercise by attaching the cable fly bar to the top of a cable machine. Although you're only using one stack of weights, this isolation exercise is quite challenging. As a result, start with a small amount of weight so you can get used to the exercise without compromising your form.

Once you're standing in front of the cable fly bar, reach up and grab it with an overhand grip. To ensure you're using your triceps to do all the work of this exercise, you may want to put your thumbs on top of the bar instead of underneath it. Begin the exercise by pushing the bar straight towards the ground. It's very important to make sure you're using your triceps to push the bar down and not your bodyweight. Your elbows should be all that's moving, and it's important that you're able to feel this exercise working your triceps. Once you reach the bottom of this movement, pause for just a moment, and then make sure you keep the tension of this exercise in your triceps as you bring the cable back up.



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Cable Fly Bar